The Chamber of Accounts applied to EU to benefit from Twinning tool established within EU Eastern Neighborhood Policy and was one of the winning organizations. As a next step the Twinning Fisch- the document which encompasses the targets to be achieved by Beneficiary Country, description of expected project, and the works to be done by Partner country was prepared and approved. Later Call for Proposals was made to make possible the participation of SAIs from EU Member States and two SAIs- National Audit Office of Poland and the Chamber of Accounts of Bulgaria officially declared their intention with their proposals to participate in this project.



Selection meeting held on 2 January 2017 Polish SAI make presentation on their proposals and selected as main Partner institution of the project. Following this Polish SAI prepared the Twinning Contract and this one was signed with participation of relevant representative of EU Office to Azerbaijan. The Twinning project which started since 2017 will be finalised on March 2020.  


The main tasks to be involved by the Project:


Result 1: The COA has developed its Human Resources Management and Administrative capacity to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of its staff

Result 2: The COA has developed the capacity to undertake and report on Financial and Compliance audits in compliance with the ISSAIs and domestic legislation

Result 3: The COA has developed the capacity to undertake and report on Performance audits in compliance with the ISSAIs and the Azerbaijani legislation and normative acts

Result 4: The COA engages effectively with better-informed stakeholders including Parliament, auditees and the media concerning the role and work of the COA