Twinning Project


The Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan gives priority to its cooperation with Supreme Audit Institutions of European Union member states. In this regard, the Chamber of Accounts decided to benefit from Twinning tool, new format of institutional cooperation with European Union. Twinning aims at modernising the institutions in beneficiary countries through training, reorganisation and drafting of laws and regulations modelled after the EU acquis.


As an initial step, according to appropriate requests the Chamber of Accounts prepared the project synopsis of twinning project on «Support to the ISSAIs implementation in the activity of the Chamber of Accounts» within the activity program of European Neighborhood Policy on Azerbaijan. The Synopsis features general information on the Chamber, projects implemented by the Chamber beforehand, the purpose of the twinning project and expected results. The items of EU-Azerbaijan Partnership and Cooperation Agreement were referred in the preparation of project synopsis.  According to the project synopsis submitted by the Chamber the aims are to master advanced practices of the Supreme Audit Institution of EU Member State regarding  International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAI) implementation and provide the sustainability of ISSAI implementation in organization of professional activity of the Chamber of Accounts. According to the synopsis acquaintance with the experience of partner SAI in ISSAI implemenation, assessment of the activity of the Chamber of Accounts with iCATs, preparation of recommendations according to the results of this assessment and raising awareness among stakeholders, and the preparation of the Action Plan providing sustainability of the ISSAI implementation in the organization of the professional activity of the Chamber are expected at the end of the project. Twinning synopsis was accepted by Program Administration Office in Azerbaijan and Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan.


As the next step, another instrument featuring the purposes of beneficiary country, description of the project and the works to be done by the partner country – twinning fiche was prepared and international experts participated in the preparation of this instrument.  Currently, twinning fiche is being ratified.