Mehriban Alishanova


The Member of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan



Mehriban Alishanova was born on February 9, 1963.

In 1986 she graduated from the Faculty of Economy of Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute named after M. Azizbeyov (current Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University). In 2006 she defended a Candidate’s dissertation, and obtained a scientific degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences.

In 1982-2003 she worked at the Azerbaijan State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

In 2003-2007 she was appointed to the National Television and Radio Council with the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and worked as the Deputy Chairman of the Council.

In October 2007 she was appointed an Auditor of the Chamber of Accounts by the decision of Milli Majlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


She was awarded with the “The Taraggi”  Medal (‘The Progress’ Medal) by the President of Azerbaijan Republic for the special achievements in the activity of the Chamber and on the occasion of 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan by the Order numbered 1809, dated October 31,2011.


 She is married with three children.