Strategic Development Plan 2018-20

Summary of Strategic Development Plan


Strategic Development Plan of the Chamber of Accounts for 2018-2020 , the main document of the Chamber of Accounts identifying development for a long-term period and reflecting the mission, values, strategic goals , and the activities of the entity for achievement of different  indicators was developed and approved by board decision 154 of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan December 13, 2017.


New SDP was developed including 4 sections and Action Plan based on analysis and assessment of work results regarding previous 2 SDPs, INTOSAI Recommendation on “Capacity Development in SAIs”, ISSAI 12 (values and priorities of SAIs- raising citizens’ living standards )principle­s, studying experiences of SAIs of foreign countries. SDP for 2018-2010 was developed including 5 goals and sub goals for each goal were identified.


Strategic Development Plan Presentation