Strategic Development Plan in a nutshell


The Strategic Development Plan of the Chamber of Accounts for 2015-2017(PDF) covers the main factors indicated in “Azerbaijan – 2020: The vision of the future” Development Conception and UN Resolutions 66/209 and 69/228 and which will affect the activity of the Chamber  of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

Mission - "To conduct objective and impartial audits to help improve the performance and management of audited bodies and promote accountability, thus ensuring the most economic, efficient and effective use of Azerbaijani resources”.

Vision - “ To undertake independent, highest quality, timely and professional audits to international standards and thus help Azerbaijan spend its financial resources wisely”.

The main aim of Strategic Development Plan is to achieve extensive use of newly acquired and developed skills by keeping in focus the establishment and enforcement of skills in the Chamber of Accounts within the period of 2015-2017.  


The Goals reflected in Strategic Development Plan:


Goal 1: To establish more effective and powerful relations with stakeholders interested in Chamber’s activity and outputs.

Goal 2: To provide effective implementation of new Law on the Chamber of Accounts and auditing standards.

Goal 3: To develop skills for defining the effective and efficient use capacities of public funds and their macroeconomic effects.

Goal 4: To upgrade the development of skills on financial and compliance audits and provide the effective implementation of financial audit and strengthening performance audit skills of the Chamber and develop IT audit function of the Chamber of Accounts by executing the detailed plans in 2015-2017 which were included into the IT Startegy

Goal 5:  To provide the recruitment of staff with up to date and relevant skills in the Chamber.