International Events


The Chamber of Accounts, the Supreme Audit Institution of the Republic of Azerbaijan takes an active part in the work of international organizations to which it is a member and this participation is supplied in two directions.  It means that, the Chamber of Accounts exchanges professional skills in the main meetings (congress and assemblies) of international and regional organizations of the SAIs, in international conferences and seminars, in the annual meetings of Working Groups and Task Forces with different levels of the staff and hosts some important events of the international organizations.




Congress (The International Congress of Supreme Audit Institutions) is a supreme organ of INTOSAI and is composed of all members. Once every three years the congress holds regular meetings, which are chaired by the hosting SAI. It offers all INTOSAI members an opportunity to share experiences, discuss common issues, and pass resolutions and recommendations to improve government accountability.


Participants include delegations of member SAIs as well as representatives of the United Nations, the World Bank and other international and professional organizations.


The last Congress (XXI)  held in Beijing, the capital of China in 2013 covered the themes on « National Audit and National Governance» and  «The Role of SAIs in Safeguarding Long-Term Sustainability of Finance Policies».


Beijing Declaration was accepted at the end of XXI INCOSAI where the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan was represented .


The next Congress (XXII)  will be held in the United Arab Emirates.


EUROSAI Congress


According to articles 5-9 of EUROSAI Statutes the Congress is the supreme body of EUROSAI composed by all members of EUROSAI through their Heads or their duly authorized representatives. The Congress is held every three years.


The last Congress (IX) was held in the Hague from 16 to 19 June, 2014, and was organized by the Netherlands Court of Audit. In the Congress the main theme of which was “Innovation”, sub themes on “Innovation in auditing methods and techniques”, “Innovation in Supreme Audit Institutions’ organisations”, and “Innovation in public services and government” were discussed.  The delegation headed by the Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts participated in the event.


The next Congress (X) will be held in Turkey in 2017.


ASOSAI Assembly


Assembly meets once in three years with the participation of ASOSAI Member States. Symposiums are also held as well as Assembly. The last, 13th ASOSAI Assembly was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in February, 2015.  The delegation headed by the Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts participated in the Assembly.


The next, 14th Assembly will be held in Vietnam in 2018.


ECOSAI Assembly



Assembly comprises the Heads of Supreme Audit Institutions of member countries of ECO and their duly authorized representatives. The Assembly holds its meetings triennially. It also holds extra ordinary sessions at the initiative of the Governing Board or at the request of half of the member institutions. The meetings are chaired by the President of the Governing Board.  Each member institution has the right to one vote regardless of the number of representatives.


So far, 6 Assemblies of ECOSAI have been held. The last, 6th EOCSAI Assembly was held in Iran in December, 2013. The Chamber of Accounts was highly represented in the Assembly.


The next, 7th Assembly of ECOSAI will be held in Turkey in 2016.




The UN/INTOSAI seminars provide capacity building for SAIs (Goal 2 of the INTOSAI Strategic Plan). Through the exchange of subject-specific experiences and information in all relevant fields of public sector auditing the UN/INTOSAI seminars contribute to research and methodology development in these areas.


They have been held in Vienna since 1971 – normally in biennial intervals – jointly sponsored with the United Nations, and provide training for participants from SAIs in developing and transition countries.


The UN/INTOSAI seminars are organized by the General Secretariat. The technical program is designed by the General Secretariat in cooperation with the United Nations.


23 seminars in the field of government audit were organized under the auspices of UN in interregional level.


The last, 23rd UN/INTOSAI Symposium on the topic «UN Post-2015 Development Agenda: The Role of SAIs and Means of Implementation for Sustainable Development» was held in Vienna in March, 2015. The delegation headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts participated in the Symposium.


Event Hosting




IV EUROSAI (European organization of Supreme Audit Institutions) and ARABOSAI (Arab Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions) Joint Conference was held in Baku on April 16-18, 2013. The SAIs from 44 countries, 25 out of which have been represented by the first persons participated in the Conference held on the topic “Modern challenges for SAIs capacity building”.


The Conference comprised 3 sub-themes:


The first sub-theme - “Responsibilities of Supreme Public Authorities arising from challenges of UN General Assembly Resolution A/66/209,22 December 2011”;


The second sub-theme - “Role of SAIs in achieving national development goals”;


The third sub-theme – “Importance of specifying the boundaries and targets of external and internal public financial control in improving public financial management”.


Each sub-theme was discussed in the sessions with the participation of the heads of EUROSAI and ARABOSAI member SAIs’ delegations.


At the end of the Conference, Baku Statement was accepted by the participants of IV EUROSAI-ARABOSAI Joint Conference and the next V Joint Conference was decided to be held in Doha.




Upcoming Events:


The Chamber of Accounts is planning to host various events of Working Groups and Task Forces of the international organizations of which it is a member to continue its active participation in future.  In this regard, followings are included into the events planned for the Chamber for 2016:


The 2nd Annual Meeting of EUROSAI Working Group on the Audits of Funds Allocated to Disasters and Catastrophes: The first meeting of the working Group held by the joint organization of European Court of Auditors and Accounting Chamber of Ukraine took place in Luxembourg in 2015. The next meeting was decided to be held in Baku with the suggestion made by the delegation of the Chamber of Accounts participating in this event. Preparatory works are being done regarding the organization of the event. The event is planned to be held on April 6-7, 2016.


The third Annual Meeting of INTOSAI Task Force on Procurement Contract Audit: The second Annual Meeting of the Task Force was held in the Russian Federation in June, 2015 and the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan  was represented in this event. During the meeting it was decided to hold the third Annual Meeting in Baku.


Beijing Declaration

Baku Statement