The Board of the Chamber of Accounts holds next meeting
Add date: 2020-05-04

On May 4, the Board of the Chamber of Accounts held the next meeting in video format. The meeting was attended by members of the Board, as well as heads of relevant departments.


During the meeting the Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts Vugar Gulmammadov gave information on comments and suggestions voiced by the deputies during the discussion of the activity report of the Chamber of Accounts for 2019  at the Millli Majlis and instructed to take into account these recommendations during the implementation of the Work Plan for the current year


During the meeting the organization of activities for the current year in accordance with the special regime applied in the fight against a new type of Coronavirus (COVID - 19) pandemic was discussed.


The Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts gave relevant instructions on discussion of audit results completed under the easing of special regime by Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan as well as initiation of audits postponed due to pandemic.  


The information on  the steps taken by the relevant departments to draft  the Opinion of the Chamber of Accounts on the implementation of the state budget for 2019 was listened to and  discussions on the raising the awareness and timely preparation of the Opinion were held as well as  relevant instructions were given.