The activity of the Chamber of Accounts was highly appreciated by the international organization
Add date: 2020-04-29

In the last report issued on Open Budget Index by International Budget Project the activity of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan as Supreme Audit Institution was assessed with higher points in comparison with previous report. Control activity of the Chamber of Accounts over state budget and extra budgetary public funds was evaluated with 89 points out of 100 which is 6 points higher than previous assessment and it shows that the Chamber of Accounts conducts adequate oversight over the budget.


Open Budget Index is a diagnostic tool by the International Budget Project to evaluate budgetary transparency of the states. The goal of the Index is to conduct fiscal diagnosis of criteria accepted as transparency and accountancy parameters in a specific country and to determine  the level of delivery of 8 reports on budget process to the public by issuing them via the Internet in a timely manner.


Index is calculated on the basis of the same survey for all countries. The survey covers 145 questions and each question is estimated with 100-point scale.


The Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan shares the first place together with the Russian Federation and Georgia among the post Soviet countries and is in a higher level in comparison with Supreme Audit Institutions of most European countries.