Recommendations on the Chamber of Accounts were given in the National Action Plan
Add date: 2020-03-02

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev signed an order on the approval of "The National Action Plan on the Promotion of the Open Government for 2020-2022" on February, 27, 2020.

The order outlines that, aim of  the National Action Plan is further expansion of the principles of openness, transparency and accountability, increase of the financial transparency and increase of tools for ensuring the rights of information access, support of civil society institutions and strengthening of public control and ensuring the continuity of measures taken for the promotion of the open government and recommends the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan to ensure the execution of the following measures envisaged in “Measures to ensure financial transparency” part of the Action Plan



Evaluation indicator




Disclosure of the results of control measures by the state financial control bodies

Posting information on the official website


Ministry of Finance,

Ministry of Economy,

Recommended: Chamber of Accounts



Storing Opinions of the Chamber of Accounts on the execution of state budget and non budgetary state funds and mid annual and annual reports of the Chamber on annual activity of the Chamber of Accounts in official website of the Chamber



Posting information on the official website


Chamber of Accounts