Colleagues of the Chamber of Accounts attended next IDI SAIs Performance Measurement Framework program
Add date: 2020-02-04

Colleagues of the Chamber of Accounts - Director of Consolidated Budget and Strategic Analysis Department Vafa Mutallimova, Chief of Quality Control and Performance Risks Management section Sanay Pashayev attended next training course organized by INTOSAI Development Initiative held in Tbilisi, Georgia. The program was dedicated to strategic planning phase of SAIs Performance Measurement Framework. The program was conducted by IDI representatives.


During the training, presentations were made on SPMR overview, general approach and starting point in developing SAI strategy, evaluation of SAI PMF results, analysis of stakeholders’ visions and expectations, SWOT analysis and strategic issues, determining outcomes and outputs, identifying the opportunities and gaps required for results, prioritizing strategic resources, assumptions and risks, measuring the strategic planning, and group works were conducted.


It should be noted that, main aim of this program is strengthening the role of SAIs in improvement of society welfare through SAIs capacity development in accordance with ISSAI 12 (The Value and Benefits of Supreme Audit Institutions – making a difference to the lives of citizens). Meantime, comparison of various development indicators by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the above-mentioned domains in the institution is provided. This assessment is of importance for preparation of SAIs Strategic Development Plan and gives further opportunity to measure success reached as a result of those plans. Additionally, implementation level of 3 goals and 12 principles identified according to requirements of ISSAI 12 is assessed, and it enhances mutual cooperation between SAI and society and other partners.