The colleague of the Chamber of Accounts attended Asian Evaluation Week organized by Asian Development Bank in People’s Republic of China
Add date: 2019-09-11

Azim Abasov, the Director of Economic Areas Audit Department of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan attended 2019 Asian Evaluation Week on “Quality Evaluation for Better Results; Local, National and Regional Perspectives” in Kunming, People’s Republic of China. More than 200 participants and evaluation experts from 51 countries, international organizations and academes attended the event.



The Asian Evaluation Week is a leading evaluation knowledge program in the Asia and Pacific region, organized by Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China and sponsored by the Asian Development Bank. Presentations were made by top management and experts from Ministry of Finance of People’s Republic of China, Islam Development Bank, Shanghai National Accounting Institute, Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute, International Monetary Fund, Japan International Cooperation Agency, the World Bank, Islamic Development Bank and discussions were held. Main themes of the presentations were “Implementing performance-based management nationwide to strengthen the capacity for better national governance”, “Evaluating IMF advice on unconventional monetary policies”, “From knowledge to results; the role of quality evaluations”, “Evaluation of the World Bank Group’s support to fostering regional integration” , “Process analysis :JICA’s initiative for quality evaluation for better results”, “Intermediated lending: evaluation of findings and lessons”, “Evaluating national-level objectives” and “Performance based budget management”


The presentation by the People’s Republic of China on “Performance based budget management” reflected establishment of efficient relations between Ministry of Finance and National Audit Office to successfully implement this process, the distribution of functions performed by them in this work and ensuring the efficiency of information sharing in efficient budget-based management, how to increase performance based management and accountability level. During the discussions significance of drafting a budget consisting of result based and strategic plan based action plans was stressed as one of the important factors for assessment of budget efficiency. Additionally, it was mentioned that audit has a great role in ensuring budget efficiency, internal control evaluation and conduct of public debt control, execution of program an projects, budget revenues and expenditures.