The colleague of the Chamber of Accounts attended International Monetary Fund course in Washington D.C.
Add date: 2019-07-25

Sanay Pashayev, Chief of section of Review and Analysis Department of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan attended the course on Managing Capital Flows: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policies held by International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C., USA.


The training was attended by 42 participants from 37 countries. The training covered themes, presentations and assignments on capital flows, payment balance, financial integration,  global tendencies of international capital financial markets, macroeconomic variability, liberalization of capital account, positive and negative sides of  Financial Openness, observation and forecasting of capital flows, financial crisis, macroeconomic policy   also, fiscal and monetary policy, exchange rate policy, financial regulation, managing capital flows, and exchange rate interventions.


At the end of the course final test was conducted and the participants were presented with certificates.