The colleagues of the Chamber of Accounts paid visit to Tbilisi, Georgia.
Add date: 2019-07-24

Leading consultant of Review and Analysis Department, Tamerlan Yusif-zada and consultant of International Cooperation and Information Technologies Department, Malik Guliyev attended internship program on "Budget analysis and IT audit” within the project on “Strengthening the capacity of Supreme Audit Institutions in the Eastern Partnership countries to monitor the achievement of UN  Agenda 2030 objectives” in Tbilisi, Georgia with the support of German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).


Erekle Mekvabishvili, Auditor General of State Audit Office of Georgia received  the internship program attendants  and gave brief information on the program.


The trainings were conducted by the colleagues of Budget and Strategic Analysis Department and IT Audit section of State Audit Office of Georgia for 5 days.


During the program, firstly reports on mandate, structure, main functions, international and donor cooperation of State Audit Office of Georgia were delivered, later on information on work done in the departments of State Audit Office of Georgia in the preparation of reports on state budget of State Audit Office of Georgia in budget planning and implementation stages and their coordination was given. Presentations on analysis of macroeconomic forecasts on relevant reports, fiscal risks, state budget revenues and expenditures, financial assets management, public debt, medium-term expenditure framework, program budget were made and views on each direction were exchanged. Also, within the internship program attendants were given detailed information on annual performance report of State Audit Office of Georgia, audit plan and analytical web portal- Budget Monitor.


The other point of internship program was dedicated to IT audit and reports on the experience of the Republic of Georgia on IT audit were delivered, discussions were held on IT audit procedures and findings.


During the visit the colleagues of the Chamber of Accounts attended closing ceremony of the Project of World Bank on “IT Audit Development in the Republic of Georgia”.