The colleagues of the Chamber of Accounts attended international forum
Add date: 2019-04-22

The colleagues of the Chamber of Accounts- Azim Abasov, Director of Economic Areas Audit Department, Zafar Rzayev, Director of Social Areas Department and Azeri Mammadov, leading consultant of Social Protection and Social Security Areas Audit Department attended The 2030 Agenda Ownership  Forum to showcase and share successful implementation approaches, results and challenges in the South Caucasus organized by German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Generally, the Forum was attended by up to 100 people from 4 SAIs and international organizations.


During the event, information on works done for achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, areas in need of relevant reforms, and key goals was given, and significance of mutual share of experience of the states in the region in this field was highlighted. Then, the event was followed by parallel discussions and presentations. Later on, the delegation of the Chamber of Accounts attended Panel discussions on “Contributions of Supreme Audit Institutions for implementation of 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development”. In this panel the importance of the role of Supreme Audit Institutions in the evaluation of preparatory processes for achievement of Sustainable Development Goals was mentioned.


At the end, indicators existing in social and economic areas in the South Caucasus was discussed with the participation of UN representative.