The Board of the Chamber of Accounts approved 2018 Performance Report of the Chamber of Accounts.
Add date: 2019-03-29

Wide-range Board meeting of the Chamber of Accounts was held and in the meeting 2018 Performance Report of the Chamber of Accounts was discussed.

It was mentioned that, the report was drafted according to the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on “The Chamber of Accounts”, and performance reporting was defined in accordance with international standards of INTOSAI  (International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions) – Lima Declaration on Auditing Precepts (ISSAI-1) and the Mexico Declaration on SAI Independence (ISSAI-10).

It was noted that, the structure of Report for 2018 was improved, and it reflects detailed information on measures for strengthening transparency and reporting, as well as opinion of relevant bodies on suggestions by the Chamber of Accounts, work done to fight against corruption.

Regarding the Report, Auditors leading different activity spheres J. Hasanov and F.Gurbanov made report on audits conducted in 2018 and gave information on shortcomings identified via those audits and audit findings.

In the end, Vugar Gulmammadov, the Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts summarizing the work done in 2018 stated that Performance Report is a document to be prepared during a year and functioning as the mirror of the Chamber of Accounts. V. Gulmammadov noting that, every colleague was involved in the indicators reflected in the Report highlighted that this effort served the quality of the common work.


V. Gulmammadov highlighted the areas of the Chamber of Accounts activity of which needed to be strengthened, and listed the shortcomings in the activities of relevant departments responsible for  individual areas control.


The Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts Mr. Vugar Gulmammadov spoke on forthcoming duties in 2019, the measures taken and intended to perform these duties  and noted that new law accepted on September 2018 identifies new duties and powers and it increased the responsibility of the Chamber of Accounts in accomplishment of its activity as external state financial control body.


V. Gulmammadov highlighted that improvement of skills and capacities is important for ensurance of successful implementation of upcoming tasks. Therefore, the Chairman mentioned the importance of preparation of methodological documents regulating control work of the Chamber of Accounts, increase of IT application and holding regular events for learning international experience.    


Later on, the Report was discussed and approved. The board decided to send 2018 Performance Report of the Chamber of Accounts to Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan.