The colleague of the Chamber of Accounts oarticipated at the meeting of INTOSAI Working group on Public Debt
Add date: 2018-07-20

The colleague of the Chamber of Accounts Elvin Hajıyev attended the annual meeting of INTOSAI on Public Debt in Hyderabad, India. The meeting also attended by the colleagues of SAIs of Bhutan, Brasilia, Chili, China, Fiji, Georgia, Indonesia, Kenia, South Korea, Kuwait, Maldives, Portugal, Russia, Shri-Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Romania, USA, Zambia, Philippine and India including Azerbaijan and National Public Finance and Policy Institute of India.


The meeting covered the presentations on draft Working Plan of the Working Group for 2020-2022, the role of professional Pronouncement Framework for Strategic development Plan, the status of the manual on Audit of Public Debt Management, the achievements of Public Debt Working Group on goals set ahead at the meeting in Manila, the state of execution of implementation of relevant standards, public debt management in Brasilia, the quality and comparison of public debt data in Portugal, audit planning and conducting on contingent liabilities, and Chinese experience on presentations. The colleague of the Chamber of Accounts Elvin Hajıyev made presentation on ‘The role of strategy of public debt management in provision of public debt sustainability”.


In addition, the information was given on Strategic Plan execution state for 2017-2022 and on the activity of sub-groups on implementation of relevant standards, the discussion was made on conducting the meeting of Working Group for 2019-2020.


As a result of discussions, it was decided to continue the cooperation within the accepted format, to implement the web-site of Public Debt Working group and to expand the relations within the experts.