The Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan held XVII session of the Council of SAIs Heads of CIS Member Countries
Add date: 2017-09-06

Baku session of the Council of SAIs Heads of CIS Member Countries was attended by the delegation comprised of 25 people of 7 SAIs. The member of the Turkish Court of Accounts and the Chairman of the Collegium Board Ali Hikmet Tuncer, principal auditors of the Turkish Court of Accounts Bulent Gecgel, Zeynal Atli and Haydar Gezmish were invited as the guests to the session.  


The Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan Vugar Gulmammadov opening the event welcomed all the participants and guests, informed on the aim, themes of the session and spoke about the important of the session for SAIs.


Mamutbekov Jaras Madyarxanulu from CIS Executive Committee addressing the event participants talked about the importance of the session for the activity of SAIs, results of multilateral and bilateral cooperation with member countries and wished all the success to the work of the session.   


Following the presentation of the agenda of participants and session the composition of the working group was approved for the preparation of agenda, procedure rules and the final documents of the session.


The first plenary meeting of the session was followed by the ceremony of transferring the symbol of the Chairman of the session to the Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan Vugar Gulmammadov after the report made by the Chairman of Belarus State Control Committee L. Anfimov on the activity of the Council for the period between XVI and XVII sessions.


Later, the Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan Vugar Gulmammadov made a speech on the theme of the session. V. Gulmammadov noted that the evaluation of the quality of activity should be accepted in some sense as the implementation of control mechanism. In defining the targets, the requirements of normative-legal acts and international standards should be kept under focus, also the resource capacity should be assessed accurately. Thus, financial and staff capacity is one of the main targets framing the boundaries of our desires.


V. Gulmammadov in the report on annual activity of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan informed on indicated indicators, also the quantity, scope of conducted audits, especially on the amount of restored resources and noted that since 2015 the classification works of the errors started and the errors were grouped on error classification drafted initially in 2015.


He also noted that with regard to the provision of transparency and reporting the endeavours in implementation of the activity of the Chamber, updating the official website of the Chamber of Accounts, regular updating of information on the results of control activities, the other direction of the activity, also placing the opinions of the Chamber of Accounts on website with regard to draft state budget and execution serves to escalate the reputation of the Chamber and the country in those reports.  


The Chairman of State Control Committee of Belarus Republic  stated the topicality of the issue in the agenda for each SAI, also the provision of social-economic development of our countries, financial systems stability, raising the revenue part of the budget, solving the public issues, also dynamic development of economy  and modernization, competitiveness, finally the provision of stable development of citizens welfare to a considerable degree depends on the quality and effectiveness of SAI activity.


L. Anfimov stated that these complex macroeconomic issues are solved during daily activity of SAIs through realizing legally acknowledged powers, however the importance of economic, effective and efficient activity. He also highlighted that these criteria allow to evaluate the efficiency overall financial efficiency and use of them for international comparison.


The Chairwoman of Russian Chamber of Accounts Tatyana Qolikova noted the importance of implementation of unique rules of state audit and control for evaluation of the quality of SAI activity, she said that international standards of accounting and financial reporting exist, but no documents regulating common standards of state audit and control is available, she gave an example of the scope of the spent budget resources and evaluation of monetary indicators of revealed errors are separately reflected in accounting by audit and control bodies.


Tatyana Qolikova stressed that annual report presented to the Parliament by Russian Chamber of Accounts reflecting quantity indicators on main indicators of the control body and this fact could be assessed as the performance indicator of SAI activity.


In the example of its country the Chamber of Accounts firstly pays attention to the raise of total amount of revealed errors on the results of the control and expert-analytic activities during the use of budget system resources, also reduction of scope of federal and other resources with purposeless and ineffective spending assumption, acceptance of evaluation of national SAI activity and its agreement and the importance of its use. T. Qolikova noted that the main issue in this is starting the work, today’s meeting opens new opportunities for raising attention to the implementation of leading and perspective methodology of evaluation the activity quality.


The Chairman of the Accounting Committee of Kazakhstan N. Abdibekov stated that the evaluation of the quality of SAI activity should be measured not with the quantity of criminal works, but also the support within the activity of SAI directed to the settlement of social-economic problems and development of the government. He pointed as the main direction of SAI activity in each level of budget system the provision of very strict financial discipline in the use of financial resources, and the second direction is the increase of efficiency of state management.


The Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts of Moldova V. Untila pointed that the evaluation of SAI, performance quality assessment should be approached by two sides- support the efficiency of budget resources and achieve the efficiency in the activity of SAI and presented examples from the activity of SAI of its country.


The auditor of the Chamber of Accounts of Kyrgyzstan Jooshbekov Zairbek Sulaymanovich noted in his speech that to achieve more effective way in managing budget resources and thus, more important issue is to have more effective control over this management by control- audit bodies, that is why they are for the progressive ‘effective’ budget model in the country, and targeting to this final result  for this model is characteristic for overall and complex of evaluation of expenses and achieve greater result with expenditure units.  


The Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts of Tajikistan Azimi Zafar Ismoil talked around the theme of session, and expressed his assurance that the experience and exchange of ideas will serve to raise the efficiency of activities of SAIs.


The Director of Economic Analysis Department, coordinator of Expert group of Accounts Chamber of Russian Federation D. Zaychev made a report during the event.


The Chairman of the Accounts Committee of Kazakhstan Republic N. Abdibekov and the director of Department of foreign relations of Accounts Chamber of Russian Federation A. Bazin made speeches on themes of the session.


The proposal of the Chairwoman of the Accounts Chamber of Russian Federation T. Qolikova to hold the next session in Moscow was discussed and approved. 


Later, the session approved the Work Plan for the periods between XVII and XVIII sessions, the signing ceremony of the Declaration of XVII session and other final documents was held.


Following the final speech of the Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan Vugar Gulmammadov the session concluded its work.