The member of the Chamber of Accounts attended the international conference
Add date: 2017-06-29

The member of the Chamber of Accounts, Auditor Firsend Qurbanov attending the scientific conference held at Azerbaijan University of Economics delivered speech on issues concerning financing science.

F. Qurbanov brought to the attention of the participants on conducting scientific works in the level of modern standards in scientific entities of our republic, strengthening its social protection, integration of Azerbaijan science to science space, modernization of scientific-technical infrastructure, adaptation of material-technical base of scientific-research bodies to modern standards and etc. Also, he stressed that the government pays special attention directed to science financing in social expenditures structures in each year state budget expenses, and the impetus to the development of scientific capacity in our country by availing favorable opportunity to increase the scientific areas including the efficiency of scientific-research works and implementation of its results in practice, financing of scientific projects as a result of competitions, provision of scientific-research institutions with modern laboratory equipment.


F. Qurbanov based on the audit results conducted at scientific entities under Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences noted less financing of scientific-research services fee at scientific entities in some cases and consideration of those expenses on ‘Other expenditures’. He also noted that this creates opportunity in execution process for forecasted fund to finance other expenses besides the scientific programs.


At the end the auditor of the Chamber of Accounts shared the information on experiences of some countries and sounded his proposals on these issues.