The delegation of the Chamber of Accounts attended X EUROSAI Congress
Add date: 2017-05-24

The delegation of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan headed by  Chairman Vugar Gulmammadov attended X EUROSAI Congress held on 22-24 May 2017, Istanbul, Turkiye.


The Congress is the supreme body of EUROSAI and according to its Statute, the Congress is composed by all members of EUROSAI (through their Heads or their duly authorized representatives) and it meets in ordinary session every three years. 


X EUROSAI Congress held in Istanbul comprised of representatives of 51 countries, also the heads of SAIs, and the representatives of INTOSAI and its regional bodies. The main theme of the Congress was defined as “Implementation of ISSAIs; Challenges and Solutions for Further Improvement”.


The institution hosting Congress will realize the function of the Chair to EUROSAI during the next three years. Following the approval of the new chair tasks by the Turkish Court of Accounts the opening ceremony started and on first working day after plenary session the delegation of the Chamber of Accounts of Azerbaijan was involved to several working meetings.   


The delegation of the Chamber of Accounts of Azerbaijan participated in the discussions at some working meetings concerning performance audit, environmental auditing, IT audit, best practices in joint audits and cooperation with other SAIs, mainly in the area of implementation of international standards in public institutions, the SAIs roles in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


Finally, the EUROSAI Congress approved the reports of the Working Groups, the report of EUROSAI Secretariat, the new budget of organization, Strategic Plan of EUROSAI for 2017-2023, also the conclusions and recommendations document.


The last day  Congress held voting and was decided that next XI EUROSAI Congress will be held in Czech Republic.