The colleague of the Chamber of Accounts attended the trainings in Vienna, Austria
Add date: 2017-05-16
The Chief of Consolidated budget section under the Review and Analysis Department Zaur Valiyev participated at the training Medium-Term Budgetary Frameworks, Fiscal Rules and Fiscal Councils: Options to Ensure Fiscal Sustainability held in Vienna, Austria.
The training was attended by 30 participants from 17 countries. Following the agenda, the Deputy Director of Joint Vienna Institute Martin Shindler delivered the opening speech. The training attendees were introduced with the program by organizers Yohan Shivald and Victor Lledo. The trainings were held by the experts of Joint Vienna Institute Alfred Katterl, Tom Pibas and Helmut Berger.


Covering 3 directions the training was devoted to international practice with regard to Medium-Term Budgetary Frameworks, Fiscal Rules and Fiscal Councils and the various presentations covering these issues were also introduced.  In addition, the report was presented regarding the activity of the institutions responsible for fiscal policy implementation, alternative macroeconomic and establishment of institutions being able to conduct broad analysis and evaluation of budget parameters.