The Chamber of Accounts of Azerbaijan Republic participated in the Meeting of the Working Group of INTOSAI on Public Debt (WGPD)
Add date: 2016-07-11

Employee of Chamber of Accounts of Azerbaijan Republic Elvin Hajiyev attended the first Meeting of the Working Group of INTOSAI on Public Debt (WG/WGPD) held on 5-7 July, 2016 in Nanjing, China. SAI representatives of Austria, China, Fiji, Finland, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Zambia, as well as representative (employees) of INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), The World Bank and Chinese Academy of Social Studies (CASS).


Participants of the meeting discussed lack of funds and public debt, the role of strategy on public debt management in conducting public debt audit, report by the Chair of the WGPD, the analysis of the current materials and potential research topics of the WG, sustainability risks related to public finance, the last audit conducted by SAI of Finland, the role of Austrian Audit Court in development of National Public Debt Indicators, the audit of National Audit Office of the Peoples Republic of China on Domestic public debt, the results of the joint performance audit by PASA/IDI on public debt management, achievements related to public debt in India on unity and state level, the role of Indonesian SAIs in improvement of public debt management, fiscal management audit of local government in South Korea, INTOSAI’s Strategic plan 2017-2019 and the role of the WG, elections of a new chairman of the WG, Secretariat’s information on WG related administrative issues, information concerning countries considered as hosts of annual meetings in 2017-2019.


It was also noted that the members of the Working Group commented on Strategic Plan of INTOSAI, volunteers were chosen for the improvement works of the Strategic Plan of the WGPD and according works to be done and Argentinean SAI was appointment as a new chairman of the Group.


As a result of discussions, it was decided to go on with the current format of cooperation, stable renovation of the information placed on  website that is formed as an information base on the next level and broadening of cooperation with think tanks.