The Board of the Chamber of Accounts held the next session
Add date: 2016-06-29

The next meeting of the Board of the Chamber of Accounts discussed the Reports on the following audits:


  1. Audit of the funds allocated from the state budget to the State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan on deals of refugees and internally displaced persons;
  2. The audit of the funds for implemented ''Support to the water users societies'' project financed with World Bank loan by Melioration and Water Industry of Azerbaijan Open Joint Stock Company.
  3. Analysis related to the forecasts and implementation of efficient use of available hospital beds, staying days, products, purchasing of drugs and dressing equipment in Regional (city) hospitals, food and pharmaceutical support of the regional (city) health units in the;
  4. The analysis related to the formulation and use of the funds of ‘Azerbaijan Investment Company' OJSC.


The meeting discussed and approved the Board draft decision on each audit. To execute the decision of the Board it was decided to send notifications to appropriate public bodies and information on audit results to Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The Board discussed the audit programs on several audit activities considered in the Work Plan 2016 of the Chamber of Accounts. 


The Board also approved audit programs related with several audits considered in the Work Plan 2016 of the Chamber of Accounts.


Information on the implementation condition of reports sent on audit findings of the Accounting Chamber in the current year was discussed at the Session. Tasks were given in order to strengthen the control of this sphere.